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    Summer Royce, House of Beauty

    A line of unique luxury beauty products designed to give you amazing results.
    We believe makeup should be fun and functional.
    Our beauty products give you options, that's what we are about.

    Our LuxeLip Matte Kits and Glosses feature a LED light and mirror.
    The Matte, LuxeLip Kit is a liquid matte lipstick and color matching lip liner .
    The color matching lip liner is retractable and has a built-in sharpener.
    We simplified the the process of finding matching shades for your lipstick and liner.
    We named the Matte, LuxeLip Kits after some of our favorite cities.
    The LuxeLip Glosses wear beautifully on their own
    or can be layered over our Matte LuxeLip
    We named our LuxeLip Glosses after some of our favorite famous men.


    Our FibreLuxe Lashes, Fiber Mascara is a proven favorite giving you the  
    appearance of long luxurious lashes in 60 seconds.
    A healthier alternative to strip/glue in and lash extensions.
    It is Applied like regular mascara and has 3 easy steps.
    Our formula is buildable and allows you to customize your look.
    It is water resistant and can be removed with warm water.

    Our beauty products work together to give you

    Luxurious Lips and Lashes !