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Summer Royce, House of Beauty, FibreLuxe, FibreLuxe Lashes, lashes, fiber, fibre
Summer Royce, House of Beauty, FibreLuxe, FibreLuxe Lashes, lashes, fiber, fibre

Fibreluxe Lashes, Fiber Mascara

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Introducing the hottest Mascara to hit the cosmetics market since the boom of the lash growth serum. A healthier alternative to strip and "glue in" lash extensions.

Daily Lash Extensions without the fuss of glue and
without the time commitment and upkeep!

Fibreluxe Lashes is applied like regular Mascara but gives you the amazing look of false lashes in 3 easy steps.  This Natural Lash Extension Mascara dramatically lengthens and thickens YOUR eyelashes with each set of steps applied.

Achieve fuller, longer luxurious lashes in

60 seconds or less.

How To Use FIbreLuxe Lashes In 3 Easy Steps


For Best Results,apply ALL 3 steps one Eye at a time:

  1. Apply a generous coat of mascara on fresh clean upper and lower lashes on ONE eye.
  2. Apply the Fibers wand, using a brushing motion to lightly dust on the upper lashes for actual lash extension and volume to the same eye.
  3. Finish lashes with a generous coat of Mascara to keep the fibers in place and your lashes looking glam all day or night.

*VERY IMPORTANT:  Sealing the Fibers with the mascara
will prevent small Fibers from falling onto cheek.

REPEAT these steps on the SAME EYE until desired length and fullness is achieved.

Please Note:  This product is Build-able, therefore you can create longer fuller lashes with each set of 3 steps.

>>>Now continue to the other eye, following all steps you just performed on the first eye.


To remove Fibreluxe Lashes™ Fiber Mascara simply clean lashes with warm water.   Notice there is no mess and no dye running down your face as in typical mascaras.

Last step:

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