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5 Ways To Wear Your Favorite Lip Gloss

Tired of not being sure how to wear your lip gloss or just looking to spice up your regular routine? Check out some of our favorite ways to get the most out of our lip gloss for new and exciting looks every day!

1. Over A Lip Stain

Apply a lip stain to help maintain color and achieve a sheer finish. Give it some time to really sink in and dry before applying your  LuxeLip Gloss.

2. Over White Pencil

Add dimension to your lips by filling in the center section of both your upper and lower lips with a white or nude pencil. This will help achieve a fuller look for your lips. After that, take your color matching lip pencil from your LuxeLip Matte Kit to fill in each side of your lips. Blend it in with edges of the pencil color in the middle.

Once you are done lining and blending with the center, you can apply the matching gloss from your LuxeLip Matte Kit. The gloss will help soften up the bend a bit more and add an overall tint.

3. On Top Of Eye Shadow

For an extra bold twist, apply a layer of metallic shadow in the middle of your bottom lip and then proceed to apply your LuxeLip Gloss. The glistening highlight will be balanced out with the all over shine of the lip gloss as well.

4. On Your Cheeks

If you're going for that dewy skin finish then this is a great trick to test out. With just a tiny amount of LuxeLip Gloss you can achieve a hint of shine and shimmer to really make your look pop. Simply blend it gently along your cheekbone and you're all good to go in style!

5. Wear It Alone

Yes we know this last one is obvious. However it is perfect for those of you on the go who need a quick and subtle fix. Also who said a something so simple can't be stunning. It can be a pain to apply your gloss on the go due to dim lighting, lack of mirrors and possibly a bumpy car ride. This is why we are beyond obsessed with our LuxeLip collection of gloss and matte colors.

Never worry again about not having a mirror because each LuxeLip Gloss includes a small mirror on the bottle. If that's not already amazing enough, it also has an LED light to help you clearly see yourself as you apply PLUS, if you pick a LuxeLip Matte Kit, there's also a color matching lip pencil included!

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